Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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When you own a software

Toedtoes wrote:

I agree with that.  I also agree that I don't think $30/month is the right solution.

For me, i would rather see a higher initial (1st year?) subscription price and then subsequent years are at a lower price.  Maybe $40 - $50 per month for the 1st year (which is your initial purchase) and then $10-$20 for each subsequent year.

As a consumer, I really hate cheap introductory subscription rates like cable and internet and then, unless you continuously call and threaten to leave, they raise the rate significantly.  I'd be much more willing to pay more the first year and have an automatic reduction in future years. It would give me an incentive to stick around after that 1st year even if I realized I could drop down to a less-robust software and save a bit more money.

You can use it.

When you rent it, you are at Adobe's mercy. They raise the price - you have to pay it, or lose the software.

And that they have the intention to do exactly that is for me as certain as the Amen in church.

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