Why Exposing to the Right (ETTR) is BAD!

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Re: Where do they teach this? Just shoot raw and be done with it...

antoineb wrote:

Sovern wrote:

I see a lot of new photographers learning about exposure and then quickly being told that they should use a method of exposure called Exposing to the Right (or rather, ETTL). I went into depth as to why in my opinion, ETTR is bad, and especially bad for new photographers that want to develop a consistent base for their ability to get correct exposure correctly the first time around with worrying about losing highlights.

Me personally, I believe in getting the exposure/shot correct the first time in the camera and exposing properly versus to the right as many benefits as shown in the article presented below.


This is also the beginning of articles that are aimed at enthusiast/beginning photographers that want to learn more and discuss various techniques, philosophies regarding what gear you need, lighting, and so on.

Thanks for viewing all the best.

Not sure I understand why the anguish about this.

Where to they teach to expose to the right?  And why use such old language and not just say, "overexpose"?

And why should it matter at all?  Just shoot raw and be done with it.

To me, possibly ignorant but still taking perhaps 15'000 shots a year, you sound like you're over-anguishing over a non-issue?

My understanding is that if your histogram sits nicely to the right and does not clip it is unlikely that much exposure adjustment will be needed in the raw converter.

Controversially is your histogram sits in the middle with space on the right, you will need to adjust the exposure in the raw converter. Doing ths will introduce noise.

Hence shooting to the right s advantageous.

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