New 100-400 in a few months?

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Re: Just curious

Wyville wrote:

. . . But it appears to me that Canon are very reluctant to allow people to use TC's unless it's with one of their expensive tele primes . . . I love my 100-400L and feel little reason to invest a lot extra for some AF improvements and new IS . . .

what's wrong with optimizing the lenses?

I don't see any conspiracy or hidden agenda from Canon here. The extenders are meant for lenses that still work nicely with them being fast enough and optically good enough to cope with them.

I don't see any need for a slow lens to work properly with a 1.4x or 2x making it 2 stops slower which will turn a 100-400 in a horrible 800 f/11 lens that could be used in bright sunlight from tripod for slow moving objects??

Seriously - I really doubt that this should be the strategy from Canon. Leaving the rear end of the lens open to allow the protruding front element of the new TCs to slide in the right place in the lens design perfectly suits the principle of primes but when you have floating elements within a zoom to allow a nearly constant optical quality along the zoom range might demand more flexibility in design and thus the room might be needed to the las lens group.

I do not think that this is intentionally by Canon but more a kind of necessity of the optical design.

I'd rather want an f/4.x-f5.6 lens that works perfectly then a slow zoom that can take extenders and get's even slower with lots of optical compromises for the design without extenders.

But as some pointed out earlier - the current version is not that bad with the given pricing and it is half the price of the Nikon.

If you consider the pricing of the Nikon as o.k. you could also search for a good condition used 300 f/2.8 (I) and be happy - the Nikon is already 1.6 kg - I guess an optimized Canon 100-400 would be also in that range.

Canon has a very very wide lens portfolio and probably the best lens lineup of all manufactures - if you are after lens quality you can choose from a huge variety of quality glass - of course at a premium price but there is no gap IMHO in the lens line up that another manufacturer does better.

Every focal length can be addressed with Canon glass on a surprisingly good quality level.

What's really missing is a new sensor technology like the research projects from Canon indicate - the new lenses have to cope with high resolution

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