NEX 7 autofocus problem

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Re: NEX 7 autofocus problem

C D wrote:

I was using the center spot focusing with the focus assist lamp off.  My subject was high contrast in daylight, so that shouldn't have been a problem.

Is the focus peaking feature available with autofocus, or only with manual focus?

I shouldn't have said return.  I meant I would take it in to have repaired under the warranty.

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Your camera is fine, you simply have to realize that you are shooting with CDAF technique, rather than PDAF.

DSLR cameras, using PDAF, can discern which subject is in front of another subject, and then focus on the closest one to you (which is what you want, e.g. a person in front of a building).

But CDAF can only see the point of highest contrast, somewhere within the focus box. Typically, if you have a dark (unlit) subject in front of a (brightly lit) store-front, guess where the camera will focus?

It takes a bit getting used too - but after a while you instinctively know, when the camera locks focus upon the half-press, whether the focus is where you want it to be or not. In cases where you need to verify, use DMF and confirm focus.

The Nex-6 changes the focusing experience, as it is able to see distances, and, like a DSRL, the camera will focus on the nearest object, as long as apertures are wider than f/6.3.

With CDAF, most of us prefer the center-focus point, and aim the camera to where you want the focus to be, then half-press (confirm and lock focus), and either use DMF to confirm, or use reframe -and-shoot to complete the picture.

With PDAF, on the Nex-6, the experience is much more DSLR like - accuracy wise, not speed wise - just leave it in multi-focus, and keep the closest object in the center third portion of the frame. It will receive the focus point.

Focus peaking is not available in pure AF mode (I think) - use DMF or MF instead.

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