Regrets for not buying?

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Re: Regrets for not buying?

With the $2000 I saved by not getting D800 and instead buying a used D700 in excellent condition for $1000. I spent the money on the Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VRII. While I was buying this lens why not get the Nikkor 35mm f1.4G and the 85mm f1.4G too. The 70-200mm is really a marvelous lens and I'm impressed with the IQ and bokeh. It doesn't weight much more than my 24-70 and not much bigger which I thought was a pleasant surprise.  I can now handhold it just as long as I can on my D700 with the 24-70.

The 85 f1.4G is a real sweet lens, sharp with that dream like bokeh. Now I have to decide whether to keep the 85 f1.4D or sell it. Sadly it looks like the latter as it won't get used as much as before. I kinda regretted having sold some of my other lens in the past like the 50 f1.4D to upgrade to the 50 f1.4G.

I will be picking up the 35 f1.4G next week and can't wait now that I have the final lens that I wanted to complete my kit (2 zooms and 3 primes). 

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