Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: Depends what you mean by "popular"

MoreorLess wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

This is RIDICULOUS .as I have said all majr companies  have one or more 24 and 28 mm FOV while they do not always have a 21mm. Zeiss has both . Only FUJI has 21mm instead of 24m for the Xpro 1 . NOW if this  correct , YES OR NO ?

When it comes to professional primes I think the real issue is that 24mm provides a bit more of a gap from 35mm, really much the same arguement as Vieri's point that the gap between 21mm and 28mm is significant enough to differentiate products.


The other important point you've both made is that prime lenses this wide while they do exist are obviously less common and I think thats because the demand for large appatures on ultra wide lenses is less. When you get this wide most of the market is landscape and architecture users who tend to preffer the versatility of zooms(unlelss primes offer tilt and shift functions) IMHO.

Very true. This is why I think a 18mm or 21mm f4 (or even f5.6) would be interesting for the target you mentioned. At $999 US, it would cost less than any serious WA zoom for DSLR (without even considering the price of a body!), and less than any T-S lens or even than any WA single focal lens (see Zeiss, Leica's prices...!) except for Voigtlander. And you'll get a body attached to it, with a great sensor in it, too.

What's not to like?

Photographers that shoot landscape / architecture would be all over such a camera. More, they would prefer such a camera to have a 18mm fixed lens with great IQ into the corners, than say a 14-24 zoom with image quality problems (distortion, CA, soft corners come to mind).



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