Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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it makes more sense than you think

Wellington100 wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

Given that Sigma's sensor seems so well suited for landscape/architecture I'm wondering is an ultrawide(20mm equivalent or wider) model possible? I thinking mainly about cost and whether the foveon sensor can cope with light coming in at a narrow angle.

It does not make sense for Sigma to continue to proliferate compact cameras with varying prime lenses


Lots of people (myself included) like this approach.  Sony sure seems to believe in it.

No matter what else Sigma does this is a good line of cameras that lots of people enjoy.

, they should either make a zoom compact which would be my preference, or else a mirrorless system.

A zoom compact would by necessity not be as good quality wise.  As such it would not really sell compared to other options.

I suspect they will go the mirrorless route because if any company can come up with a set of new lenses quickly, Sigma can.

The current DP cameras are mirrorless.

But I suspect what you really meant was a DP camera with interchangeable lenses.

But it doesn't make any sense for sigma.  Once you enter that realm you compete directly with all the other m 4/3 cameras on the market, all of which have a large lens base.  You can't make a DP camera that supports m 4/3 mount because the sensor is too large, and making a new sensor for that size drops out of megapixel parity they currently enjoy, costs a ton of money, and again they are entering an incredibly crowded market with more people piling in all the time.

The real way I see Sigma going mirrorless is in an update to the SD-1.  They can keep using SA mount lenses, and the SD-1 drops the mirror to become a camera with no mirror.  Yes the overall camera is larger but they are more unique in a higher end niche with less competition.

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