Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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Yes, but it will be hard to convince you.

You see, for many things, people want to see it to believe it. But for some things, you have to believe it to see it, and a Mac for a PC User falls into that category.

That may sound like wordplay, but it's been the reality for 10s of millions of switchers over the last 8 years or so.

Basically, millions of people have switched to Mac, and while for some it wasn't the right move, the overwhelming majority have stuck with it and prefer Mac.

If you believe this to be true, it seemingly gives some big advantage to the Mac.

Switchers are people who have used both, chose to abandon Windows, and now prefer Macs.

Another group of Mac users are those who use PCs at work, but choose Macs for their home computers. Again, these represent people who use both, but prefer Macs.

In fact, when you think about it, the number of Mac users who don't/didn't use PCs, must be a fairly small percentage by now. Meaning 10s of millions of peope who use and prefer Macs, have also been PC users.

And if you think about that, it's a huge point. Try looking at it from the other side, where are those who are users of both but prefer the PC? There are some for sure, they show up in the debates from time to time, but their numbers are evidently very small, and dwarfed by the number prefering Macs.

Regardless of the techical, or an individuals specific reasons, at the user experience level, of those that have used both in anger, for tasks in which they seek to be productive, an overwhelming majority choose Macs.

The difficulty in convincing others is three-fold.

1 - Its a big step. The hardware is easy setup, but the software upheaval can be a pain; license and data transfer, new UI, different metaphors. People want assurances it's the right step.

2 - Many people don't even know why they prefer Macs; they are not design gurus, or software gurus, or hardware gurus, or UI gurus. They simply find using Macs more enjoyable and more productive.

3 - The only person who can truly convince you, is you. I don't know yow. I could spend hours writing points that are of no interest to you. Perhap's because it's genuinely of no interest, or perhaps because it's one of those things where if you don't see, you can't see it.

As you're the only one who can convince you, you need to help others try to help you get there. And that means more than simply issuing a challenge saying convince me. That's what trolls do, and as you've used a new account, you're looking zero for two on that count.

It's already evident that some very knowledgeable people are staying away from your post. You need to open up a little and put some work in yourself. Convince them you are genuine in your enquiry and that they wont just be writing troll fodder.

You can start be listing the things you currently don't like about your PC, either in general or in regards to your photography workflow. What areas do you think could be improved, and can you see how they can be improved? Do you have any expectations about what a Mac could potentially bring.

You've already dicounted the hardware integration a security benefits, but no worries, you'll still get them anyway, they come as standard in all Macs.


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