Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: this is ridiculous

Harold66 wrote:

vbd70 wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

These are FACTS... oopps sorry make that facts ... and this is easily verified by anyone

So, did you or did you not say that? The 28mm fallen out of favour?

Yes I did write that

As in, nobody uses it anymore? Or do you need english lessons too?

well if you believe that these two sentences ( the one I wrote and the one you Interpreted ) are interchangeable , I am not the one who need English lessons

Dictionary: "To fall out of favour" = "to loose someone's acceptance". Hence, 28mm lost people acceptance. Hence, is not accepted. Hence, nobody buys it.

You also said that: "24mm is the most wide angle FL sold these days by most manufacturers" and "the 24mm FOV is today the most sold wide angle in semi professional and professional lenses."

You never answered my objection: if both your assertions were true, why Sigma produced a 28mm DP1M instead of a 24mm one? Why choosing a FOV equivalent which is out of favour like 28mm instead of one all pros and semi-pros want? Surely you know better than Sigma, and surely they are in the business of loosing money... right? Is this one of your other FACTS?

And so on. However, I haven't time for this, so have your last word if yo wish.

I do not have the last word. I do not need it . I let people who read what I wrote and not what you are trying to have what I wrote mean for you sake , decide on their own

at the end of the day , it is unlikely that we see a new Sigma dpm soon and if it ever  does it is possible that we get one with a short zoom which probably won t satisfy either of us


Again, I just disproved one of your ridiculous statements this time as well, since I have work to do.

You never once answers any of the points I make with anything more than repeating yourself (adding caps here and there as if shouting would make your point stronger), contradicting yourself and showing your ignorance of today's market and the market directions manufacturers' go such in the zoom vs primes etc etc.

All this, to prove that your opinions aren't opinions but actual facts??

Good for you.

They are facts.

Not opinions.

Happy now?


I am out of this, best


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