Why are my pictures yellowish when using bounce mode?

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Re: Why are my pictures yellowish when using bounce mode?

drh681 wrote:

LincolnB wrote:

My guess is you're mixing color temperatures of ambient light vs. bounce flash. If the ambient light is tungsten and it's stronger than your camera's Auto WB is calculating, it will be more yellow than you expect. I'm guessing the camera knows you're shooting flash but it doesn't know you're bouncing it, effectively weakening its strength compared to the ambient light.

I shoot RAW, never use Auto WB, and don't have your camera, so I could be wrong. But that's my understanding of how mixing ambient, flash, and Auto WB works.

It could also be in the color of the surface you are bouncing from.

Many "white" wall paints have a certain amount of tint added to them.

Sure, a wall or ceiling like that could be an off-white. But there's probably less tint difference white and off-white paint than there is between flash and tungsten. I'm still putting my money on ambient light throwing off the Auto WB.

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