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Re: In truth, I don't think it matters any more. . .

Based on the situation that Canonical seems well along in figuring out how to monetize Linux with both Unbutu and the Unbutu Phone OS both of which will use the Unbutu Unity user interface.  It is claimed that Unity is already optimized for both touch and the mouse/keyboard combinations. (We'll see, but if they are correct, this offers a serious challenge to the monolithic approach to the UI that MS is pursuing.)

And that a new corporation that is a joint effort with Canonical has been set up in China to develop a "National Chinese OS" (i.e. It sounds like future development will occur in China) It sounds like the Chinese telecoms think Unbutu is worth exploring.  Then add to that, Steam, the game server service, has developed a service for Linux (primarily for flavors of Unbutu) and a definite pattern of monetization of at least the Unbutu community is beginning to occur.  And let's face it when you can't figure out how to pay your bills, there isn't a lot of incentive to keep on developing.

Couple that with the unease people, and by extension, the corporations who market to them, and corporate IT departments regarding costs, feel over MS's latest moves regarding Win8.  And then throw in some of the stories about the "Blue" pre beta releases (Win 9), and you've got a situation that presents the biggest opportunities the Linux community has ever had.

And couple THAT with that no serious photography software title has come out with anything that will function well with a touch UI, and again, I see opportunity for Linux to step up.

Gimp does not equal Photoshop, but I don't use or even like Photoshop.  I DO use Lightroom 3.6, and that has been a major problem for me. But after playing around with some of the Linux options, DigiKam, and Raw Therapee in particular, I'm reasonably comfortable that it wouldn't take that much to improve them to the point where they could offer serious competition.  (And Corel claims ASP isn't dead - well, we'll see about that one!) And with the new dynamism we are seeing in the Linux community, this might be the time for many projects to start thinking about some major upgrades.

Wine, is a stopgap measure to be sure, but it IS there for those things that can't be easily replaced.

Linux won't be for everyone, and even I am still in the exploring phase.  But from what I've seen so far, serious photography is do-able on a linux based digital darkroom.  Do-able enough, that I'm willing to explore this platform.   Once Win7 starts to age and MS starts to make noises about retirement, there is virtually no cost associated with loading Linux onto the Win7 PCs.  If they work for people, great, if they don't, People can always buy a new Win10 PC if that's what they want, the cost of exploring Linux is roughly the same as not exploring Linux.

At this point we are speculating that Adobe and other software publishers will create usable touch based apps for a post win7 environment.  (And that a touch based Photoshop will actually function). But aren't we also speculating that the Linux community will respond to this new paradigm for personal computing and offer a different take on it from Microsoft?

I doubt I've convinced you, and maybe you ARE one of those who simply CAN'T use anything but Windows, but I do believe that there are rational arguments for considering a linux solution in the future.

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