D7100 - Need some tips regarding AF settings/technique for wildlife photography

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Well Reilly...

I generally agree here, but set a3 to short and I'm a focus release guy. Now for some tougher tips:

  • Keep both eyes open for birds in flight. This helps enormously when you get used to it, and is very hard for some shooters to learn.
  • Fill the frame. Stop shooting birds that are too far away and cropping to a noisy image. If you can't see detail in the bird's eye - especially the specular highlights - you're too far away. This one is really tough too. How to get close enough?
  • Another hard one: you want the bird (and sometimes yourself) low. The closer to eye level the better.
  • Especially with birds in flight, try to anticipate the shot and get the bird front-lit.
  • Oh, and you want the bird to look at you or at least toward you.  
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