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Lance B wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

My Nikon F5, along with all my film cameras from 110 to 4x5 all have had no need for continuous upgrades.  I know some will say DSLR users arent forced to upgrade.  Funny, I dont seem them all running around wirh their 3mp Canon D30 anymore. 

I think you're looking at it from the wrong perspective, so to speak.

Forget the outdated notion that a camera is an "almost for life" purchase or maybe a "once in 10 year" purchase like they were in the film days but then you spend the rest of your life buying film and paying for it to be developed, or at best buying film and buying the chemicals and paper etc and doing it at home.

Nowadays, the camera is the film, so, you don't buy a roll of film every week nor need to pay for the processing, but you save that money and buy a camera every 2-3 years, or if you are a high frame count shooter and always desire the latest or a pro/semi pro, you may upgrade every year to get that edge.

When looked at it this way digital, is for most keen photogs, a much more economical way to take photos. If you look at a P&S or even a low cost DSLR, there is no way on this earth that film could even begin to compete cost-wise with digital.

Maybe for a "keen" photog....that said, my film and processingis built in to the cost of wedding and portait sessions.

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