Some dumb questions I have been wondering about

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"Common knowledge" is neither...

Dave Luttmann wrote:

mike703 wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

A lot of people seem to think that they will just get more height with a square sensor. They forget that they also get less width.

Well spotted!  Very good point. If you want a rectangular image it is more efficient to use a rectangular sensor than use a square one and crop.

Best wishes

Exactly.  I wonder why that gets missed by so many people?

Because people keep repeating myths and urbam legends over and over, without ever stopping to think about where they come from or how much sense they make.

One of my favorite teachers told me more than once "question everything, especially me."

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yes, most everything is in lower case. i'm mildly arthritic and seldom use my pinkies when i type.

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