Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Re: Yes, astonished,

pris wrote:

and no, I don't consider your points valid. They to me sound very labored, dragged by ears and very biased.

Yeah, it takes a rocket scientist to see that when he used the term "fool?" he was responding to bofos777's comment, "don't fool yourself", not calling anyone a fool. It takes an equally astute person to realize what he meant when he said "what about your cost of gears?" Certainly only a rhodes scholar would know that he wasn't trying to give photographic advice, only trying to be realistic concerning the economic practicality of using expenxive SHG lenses to overcome the aged sensor that is half of the Achilles heel of the E-5.

I use the E-5 about 75% of the time in low light. I'm one of those in the group that would love to see the OMD sensor if NOTHING ELSE, in the same body we have now. I constantly debate whether to just cross over and try the OMD, but I'm still daunted by the necessary compromises.

As a result, I'm just as likely to be one who will fool himself by doing just as bofos777 has suggested, taking advantage of the fire sale prices of SHG glass, realizing that I'll be rewarded with a nice 2.0, versus what often works out to 3.5 since much of the time I'm shooting at full zoom. Yet, I can't argue with Vu's point.

On "labored" part - well, it takes great effort to construct your making sense of posts you defend and putting meaning in them that may or may not have been there. It may not be obvious to you, but reading those posts and your explanation of them makes it very clear that you went to great efforts to make it sound more than loose collection of very trivial points like "ah but OMD is lighter than E-5"(Duh!), accompanied by weird suggestions "not be crazy."

Took all of a few minutes, not to understand, but to type. That trivial point that you just DUH'ed, is precisely the same trivial point that when convenient, is used to denigrate the idea of using full frame. So yeah, duh, if you're going to use the SHG lenses and an E-5 body to shoot in low light, why not just go full frame as obviously weight is no longer your concern. And if it is your concern, which was supposed to be one of the original selling points of four thirds, why not the OMD, since it finally handily addresses the weight issue.

On "biased" part - I will view your constant jumping to restore the fairness as balanced when I see you reacting with the same vigor any single time on any of attacks on 4/3 system and posters by some of permanent antagonists. There was no luck of extremely caustic, poisonous or, to borrow from you, "bitingly sarcastic" posts by them, unprovoked and designed to stir the pot - yet for some reason none of them ever triggered your burning wish to defend, support, protect or however you view what you are doing. You might think of your activity here as fair and balanced; I see it as very one-sided.

You see it as one sided because you don't consider that there is only one side. There is no way to defeat a troll by stooping to his level. When you do so, you've automatically lost. Trolls don't bother me because either they are lying or they are telling the truth. If they are lying, it's a pretty simple matter to point it out. Problem solved. If what they are saying is the truth, you agree with it and move on. What you don't do is attack someone personally who hasn't first attacked you personally. To do so makes the attacker look like an idiot no matter who it is. If a troll looks that way, that's one thing. For people who are the crowned jewels of this forum to do so is quite another matter. Kind of like entering your Porsche in a demolition derby against a Chevy Chevette. If you win you still lose more than the loser. I still don't understand why that is difficult for some people to grasp. If you deal with a true troll correctly he wouldn't get much satisfaction out of being here. As it is, this forum continues to be troll bait, because some people want to make it a haven for those who equate their camera with their own self-worth.


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