Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: People will make up their own minds

Lauterwasser wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

This constant bickering and pushing ones opinion on others is just silly. You will either like it or not, anyone that is familiar with a good camera will know shortly after getting it if they have what they want or if the camera will be too much work for them. Good luck.

The point here is to get as much info as possible before getting it.

If I can find out that the camera is more of a hassle than I prefer then I would like to know this before I plunk down $600 for one.

Agreed - from what I can see the OP doesn't own an X20 and could be looking to pick one up if others recommend it. Advice on camera selection is one of the main functions of these forums.

Not all of us live in regions with such generous return policies as the USA.

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