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Re: What Leica 35 can I afford.

nikonFboy wrote:

Michael Everett wrote:

OK I want to stay on this forum and I am sensitive to the question of all these non-Leica people.  I shoot mostly 35mm on my Nex 7, as I like the 50 FL, and I can't afford a latest Summicron or Summilux.  So what about the older Leica 35's; which are affordable and which are worth it?

I am obviously looking for a way to stay on this forum.  It's too nice a place and too artistically inspiring to have to leave or only lurk.


no michael, you shouldnt have to go out and buy a camera just so you can stay on this forum, this is all getting out of hand.

Totally agree.

yes i know that im pretty much the new boy on the block, but at least i do try to contribute to the forum, even if my images are not always that good.

as far as I am concerned, you're a valued member of the community, Paul.

the people who are spooking you, on the whole, contribute sod all to this forum, at least nothing since i have been on here, so dont let them spoil the forum by trying to force out people who may not for whatever reason, own a leica, but want to post decent images.

Sod all is right.  It's best to ignore this peanut gallery.

i will continue to post images, regardless of what these people think, whether caputed on my leica  d-lux 4 or my nikon D200, or even my wifes panny fz45 (with leica lens).

Good for you.  Glad tip hear it, Paul, and look forward to the images.

the point that all these non contributors miss, is that even though my images may not be up there with the best of what this forum offers, i take my images with as much hope, love and luck as the best take theirs.

if one day louis, peter, hugues, olivier etc all turn round to me and say, `paul, your showing the forum up with your images`, i will gladly bow out and just become a leica forum voyeur, until that day, these high and mighty non contributors will definately not bully me off this forum, so dont let them do it to you michael!!!!

I doubt that's going to happen.


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`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

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