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Re: Cool...non issue then.....

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Fred Mueller wrote:

If you do a lot of property photography like I do you might not dismiss heavy shadow lifting as a sign of "failure" in exposure choices.  And then by extension you quickly realize that it is current technology that is "failing" - not just in my narrow pursuit - but broadly.  Our cameras just can't translate a lot of what we see.

agreed...but you are one in a million (literally) for the majority of shooters, this aspect does not even come into play except in their minds.

agreed...but you are one in a million (literally) for the majority of shooters, this aspect does not even come into play except in their minds.

I can see your work, concert work, and a few others that really need the shadow recovery to be spotless on a normal basis.


And what are the odds that a one in a million or even one in a thousand photographer who's shooting situation you deem worthy to need shadow lifting would happen to stumble onto this particular thread onto this particular site?

I would pray they have the commmen sense to know it was one persons opinion. 

I would also hope they had the commen sense to understand my comments are about the fact it is still a very capable camera evne with the banding issue.

Photography is a rather varied and creative endeavor. There are millions if not billions of permutations for what, how, and when a photograph should be taken, a permutation equal to the aggregate creativity of mankind. In other words, limitless. Having one person decree the bounds of that creativity is a tough sell Roman.

I think you extend WAY too much power to my opinion. Everybody hops on to the testing measurebating wagon every time a new camera comes out. I feel it is a service to make sure MOST sane people dont go overboard with the complaining about things like banding. Now if it was showing up in regular pictures...not only would I understand the complaining but support it. But as the camera sits, it is probably more capable than 90% of the people who will buy it EVEN WITH THE BANDING ISSUE.

I push my files pretty hard and I am sure it will not have that much of an effect on my shooting. I also realize EVERY camera has its issues. My job as the photographer if I buy it is to understand those threasholds and work around them.


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