Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Here are some screen shots.  The first is if I print in Photoshop,

In the Photoshop dialog, the printer profile should be a printer profile, not a working space profile. It should be the profile for the paper.

And, if Photoshop is managing  color, you need to turn off printer color managment, I don't see that in the printer dialog, but perhaps the manual setting does that?

(You can get a screen grab of just the current window, or current dialog, byusing alt-PrtScn, instead of just PrtScn, which grabs the entire display.)

Brian A

Ok Tried that.  The sky seems less purple, but now the buildings are hot pink.

So what is the name of the paper profile youare using? And are you sure you are turning off color management in the printer. You haven't shown a printer dialog box yet.

Brian A

Sorry, I'm new at this.  What is the printer dialog box that you need to see?  I've tried two profiles, the one highlighted in the screenshot here and the profile just below that one.  I am using Glossy II Canon paper.  I had the problem before I ever installed Photoshop, using Windows photo viewer and the Canon Easy photo print software that came with the printer.

Yes but are you turning off color management in the printer driver when you are letting Photoshop manage color through that Canon ICC profile? It is located by clicking on Color / Intensity Manual Adjustment. Then on Matching and then on NONE.

As Brian said, since you stated you are new at this maybe you need to just concentrate on printing with Canon Paper and letting Canon drive control color and in the Photoshop Print dialog indicate that you want the printer to control color.

You could also use the Canon Easy Print PRO plugin that comes with the Software CD. It is super easy and does give very good matches.


Yes, tried that, too.  We're not talking about a minor magenta shift here--cool blues come out purple.  I've printed the same files on the same paper for years, using the i860 (LOVE that printer), even the throw-away bargain-bin ip2702 and HP equivalent--never had blues do this.  FYI Penns--I just updated to the newest versions of Canon's software.  No change.  I can improve it some with huge adjustments on the manual balance, but it's still off, and I don't plan to try that with each type of paper.  BTW, I'm using Windows 7 (x64)...you?

Yes, Windows 7 x64.  I've checked software versions, but I have the latest one.  Here is a pic I took on my iPhone that shows the prints from my two different printers.  (There is a glare on them that looks like something different from one sky to the other.)  I know the quality is poor, but you get the idea.  Both are unedited straight off the camera.

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