Photo lighting sold on eBay?

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Re: Photo lighting sold on eBay?

You sound like the ideal client for a budget priced continuous lighting kit.

The only caution is that CFL bulbs, expecially those that are sold for home use, don't exactly match the color spectrum of sunlight or flash.  They have an excess of some colors and a deficit in other colors.  You can get color shifts, which can be very important for products.

Buy the best CFLs for photography from a reputable dealer.  They will be more expensive than those for home use but the difference in light quality can be significant.

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Thanks for your reply. I'm also living in Bangkok.

I'm looking at getting a kit sent over from HK, the price is less than half the those sold locally. The sellers say most items get past without tax, they also undervalue.

You can get kits both with and without bulbs. The bulbs sold with the kits are rated at 5500k, but I've read that it's not just the rating, but also the brand that is important.

So I was wondering if it might be better to buy just the kit, and then get the bulbs in Bangkok? The price on ebay HK for 4 x 115w bulbs is $40.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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