Canon 7D focus issue-new observation

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Re: Canon 7D focus issue-new observation

TTMartin wrote:

400mm lens at 10X zoom even with the best tripod will show vibrations from the floor.

You are right, any slight vibration/shake will be seen, but that's not what I am observing. When this problem occurs the screen image rapidly goes in and out of focus and also jitters randomly almost like it's being modulated with a noise pulse. If you would see it you can easily distinguish it from camera shake. Also I had the opportunity to compare when the problem is not present and the same image in that case is absolutely rock solid steady. By observing the "Live View" image I can accurately predict when my shots will come out sharp. Problem is if you are doing a shoot you can't know when the problem will rear it's ugly head without warning. I'm trying to find out if there is some kind of pattern to when it happens.

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