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Re: Something you might like to try

Ruth Lipnick wrote:

A lot of good information, Mike. I will have to test the settings for jpg. And, yes, I always err on the side of underexposure because I can bring up a dark image as long as the information is there.

So...when I next have hobby time, I will try raw and I will try jpg at your settings.


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I like Mike's comments too.  And, as you see from ALL the helpful thoughts and opinions there's a LOT to learn.  A lot to consider.  Maybe too much as when you're twiddling with interpretation of histograms and blinkies that illusive bird flits off.

Yes, exposure is very important so learn to evaluate it in the EVF while you focus and compose.  Check it by quick review if you have time.  The +/- exposure compensation is my most used control.  I usually like, like you, to have it a bit darker.

Your photo got a comment about "blown" highlights and I believe mention of a little soft focus.  It is a bit on the bright side, but not by too much as you see from my CS6 enhancement I was able to find some tones in the white chest area.  Most of my effort was done with the eight sliders in Shadows/Highlights adjustment with "Show More Options."  A little play with Selective Color sliders was done next.  I'll often bring back a pure black that work in S/H has muted.  Work on other colors depend on the image.  Oh, on yours while in "Black" I removed a bit of blue I saw in the cheek area by adding a little yellow with the slider.  For sharpening I used a technique I learned here in the Retouch Forum.  I use "Smart Sharpening" BUT FIRST changing the image mode to 16 bits per channel.  Then is the Smart Sharpen window I use "Basic" remove Lens Blur, and check More Accurate.  Don't ask me how or why it works ... I just like the way it does.  The two sliders can vary quite a bit depending on the image.  I went a titch heavier on sharpening your woodpecker than I'd have done on my own ... actually if it were not for a "sliders only" example here I'd have used the brush to selectively soften a bit of over sharpened areas.  That's nit picking though.  Sharpening FZ200 has been a new ballgame so to speak for me.  The JPGs I get (if I focus right and hold steady) are GREAT to start with.  Anyway too much "blabber" ... SHOWING is better.  Hope you don't mind me messing with your image.

Ruth's woodpecker enhanced with sliders in Photoshop CS6


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