A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: It is the only and fair game to customer

malch wrote:

We wish that MS could have preserved the old interface that they spent 20 years developing as an option for those who found it useful while offering Metro as an option for those who wanted a honking big iPhone

To be fair, they have (mostly) preserved the old interface.   The real issue is that they're making you work to get at it.

It seems pretty unlikely to me that Microsoft will actually abandon the traditional desktop UI, at least for the next couple of releases, because they actually do have a very strong record of preserving backward compatibility for older applications - and there are a vast number of applications that depend on the classic interface.

But a decade from now...   ...who knows?   Microsoft did abandon support for 16-bit applications with Windows 7, so once enough time goes by anything is possible.   I think the real determiner will be the market - how many apps will be converted to Metro and how many of the ones that aren't will people still be running 10 years from now...

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