NEX-7/7N or RX1 good choice for landscape in difficult areas?

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Re: NEX-7/7N or RX1 good choice for landscape in difficult areas?

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heptagon wrote:

I'm pretty interested in getting a pocket camera for landscape shots, when I find it heavy to carry heavy DSLR to difficult places, such like mountains or marshes.

After redoing pp on the raw files I took with my previous NEX-7 (which was sold before I started learning photography basics), I'm pretty astonished by the dynamic range of the NEX-7 sensor. With a second look into the dxomark scores I've noticed that the RX1 and NEX-7 are beasts as pocket cameras!

Today I've just noticed that the SEL-1018 lens can take 62mm filters, which makes me exciting! (It's a pain to get a proper 1000x ND filter for the Nikon 14-24mm lens...) For this I cannot resist to wait for the NEX-7N (possibly even better dynamic range) and get one for landscape!

My question would be:

  • Does NEX-7 suffer from color shifting prolems with the SEL-1018 lens, as with the SEL16F28 lens?
  • Will NEX-7 (or RX1) be able to get a bright enough preview of the sight with a 1000x (10-stop) ND filter attached? I struggle to get a clear view with my Nikon D4.
  • Are there good choices of remote control for bulb shutter release?
  • What kind of tripod/head/bracket is best for NEX or RX1? I need a light one that can fold well, and can stand steady in the typical seashore wind and get rock-solid pictures of 4-minute exposures on a 24M-pixel sensor (APSC or FF).

The 10-18 does suffer from color shifting although most that have this combination seem to agree that it is manageable.  I'm optimistic that the 7N will be better than the 7 in this area.

I use the NEX 6 with the 10-18 for long exposures and the view is much better than the Nikon D600 or D800 (I haven't used the D4).

The Photive wireless remote is inexpensive and works fine for the basics.  I also have the Phottix Cleon II that I use as a longer range wireless remote and as a wired cable release.  It will work with your Nikon too as long as you get the correct cable for each.

I highly recommend the Really Right Stuff L bracket to go along with whatever tripod/ballhead you get.

Thanks for the input! I do notice the color shifting problems with the NEX-7. You just make me inclined to buy the NEX-6 instead!

Could you show me some sample long-exposure pictures of the NEX-6 please? When you said "better view" did you mean LiveView with ND filter, or image quality?

If you can wait, I would wait for (user) reviews of the 7N.

I currently have the 5N, 6 and 7, and would pick the 5N and 6 for your purposes, even though they have lower resolution. If you go with the 7, you'd better stick to the Sigma 19 for now. The other cameras have a lot of wide angle options.

Also, the 10-stop filter works better with the 5N and 6 than the current 7. The 7 sensor does have a higher DR and a more precise light/color metering, in my observations. But I would not use the 7 for anything that hints of long exposures or high ISO, the other cameras outperform the 7 in those.

All Nex-cameras will auto gain up the EVF display for a dark image. The EVF will turn grainy, but you can still see what you are composing. It beats OVF in that sense, but it confuses, as the actual captured image will be much more noise-free than the EVF display.

As to remote bulb control, the $8 remote controls on Ebay work fine.

All Nex cameras can be supported by Type 00 Ballheads, but I prefer the more sturdy Type 0 ones. Then the tripod itself depends on how much you want to pay and carry. A heavy duty CF one will set you back, but be very durable. But a heavier AL may be better for your needs. If windy, I would look into the double legged variety, they are far sturdier, but overkill in normal situations.

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