Lens dust and legal threat.

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mike... my thoughts

My guess is that the buyer has buyer's remorse, and has changed his mind and wants his money back.

Odds are there is nothing wrong with this lens. It is virtually impossible to inject a lot of dust into a clean lens in three weeks time. He has just made up this excuse to intimidate you into a refund. And that's why he is making legal threats. If he takes legal action then both of you lose, and the two lawyers win. And he probably knows this.

From the picture you took it appears that the lens was in mint condition. I doubt very much that there is a dust problem with it.

That lens may have a list price of $2700, but Amazon is currently selling them brand new for $1549 in the USA, so he might feel like he paid too much for the lens.

Here's the problem for you. If this auction was on ebay, then he will probably get his money back. Ebay changed their rules a few years ago to give the advantage to the buyer. He will file a paypal claim, and then you get to reply. Ebay will not inspect the lens or do any testing. They will simply issue a refund to the buyer and charge your account for the money.

I suggest you offer the buyer a refund after he returns the lens in the same condition as he received it, with shipping at his expense. If the lens is in the same condition it was when you shipped it, then refund his money and sell it to someone else. But next time sell it through craigslist or some other method that permits face to face contact and inspections.

Had you sold your lens right here on the Dpreview For Sale Forum, you probably wouldn't have this problem. It is just unfortunate that ebay bends over backwards to accommodate the buyers.

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