Calling All Collars: 70-200 f/4 VR

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Re: Calling All Collars: 70-200 f/4 VR

JOrmsby wrote:

Just curious, how do you like the Nikon 70-200 compared to the Canon version? I've heard varying reports about the sharpness.

It's hard to compare the 2 directly, as I used the Canon verson on a FF 12MP 5D, whereas I'm using the Nikon on a DX 16MP D7000.

The Canon performed well throughout, but I thought its sharpness suffered a bit at close range.

From the limited testing I've done with the Nikon, it's sharper than my 70-200/2.8 VR1 at f/8.  Tomorrow, I'll test them at wider apertures.

I wish I had an FX body to test the outer part of the image circle.

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