Camera choice for Europe trip

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it will be a back and forth...

till you pack John

I just been t UK and Germany with the X100 only and I have the Lx3

Now if you think I advise you to take the X100 wrong

The Lx7 is the more versatile camera and I assume you would shoot mainly in good light not during night hours.

If you look for a camera you have fun shooting with and moving your legs and bending now and then the X100 is the more fun camera to use. More challenging but you would miss the wide for sure if you don't have the WC lens.

If you want to relax and take the nice snaps here and their take the Lx7 it will do for sure a great job and leave you with more time to enjoy your trip.

If I would take the X100 over the Lx3 next trip again? for sure because I like to work with the camera. The X100 is what makes me want to shoot not just take holidays snaps, don't get me wrong they belong into the holiday as well. With traveling in unknown places you have a better eye for the special things and the X100 helps you to bring that home



so easy all in one Lx7

work horse with fun X100 and of cause superb IQ

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