Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

In my case, the checking was due to having purchased the CS upgrade rather than the full version.  With the upgrade version, you must identify your prior full-program purchase with a serial number.  The online checking system then verifies the legitimacy of the serial number.

In my case, soon after I bought the CS upgrade, they set a limitation on the upgrade to PS5 and higher, so when I went to reload the upgrade, the online system would not accept the PS4 serial number.  So, I contacted Adobe helpdesk and they provided me with an override code so the system would activate the CS upgrade.  They verified that I had bought the upgrade prior to the limitation being established.

When I needed to re-install it the next time, the folks at the Adobe helpdesk could/would not provide me with the override code because PS4 was more than 3 versions prior to CS.  I assumed that it was because the staff was fairly new and didn't know that limitation did not always exist.  However, when I asked to speak to a supervisor (and hopefully someone who understood that my upgrade WAS legal), I was given a run around.  I was told there were no supervisors on site and that they would have one call me.  I never got a call. I tried calling back several times, but it was always the same thing.  They could not confirm in their system that I had a legitimate upgrade (even though it was registered properly).  They just kept saying "you can't upgrade more than 3 versions".  I kept saying "but I was allowed to when I purchased the upgrade and you have my registration to prove it." Just very disillusioning.

I even contacted their sales department to see about possibly getting a discount to a new full version (if they had given me $100-$200 off the new version since I had a legitimate upgrade version that they weren't allowing me to use, I would have gone with CS5). But they were either clueless as to what I way telling them or were blowing me off.

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