How much is expensive lens for you??

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Re: How much is expensive lens for you??

As others have mentioned it depends on what I am going to use it for and how frequently I'm going to use it. That being said I think the 12/2.0 is an expensive lens. I bought it when I bought my camera so it qualified for a $150 rebate - and for me that made it affordable. If I wasn't going to get the rebate I would have a hard time justifying it. If there was a 10/2.0 for the MSRP of the 12/2.0 I would not consider that expensive. I loved my 21/3.5 for my OM 1, and it was my favorite lens for lanscapes so the 10 mm would be worth it.  I would have preferred a 10 mm prime and then I would have bought the 17/1.8

Instead I bought the 9-18 zoom as a substitue. Not my first choice, but it is a good compromise and something I considered affordable because I'll use it a lot. Frankly I would have paid a couple of hundred more for a f4 fixed aperture, but the Pani 7 - 14 was too expensive. I also own the surprisingly good 12 - 50 kit lens which I carry for rainy days in the Northwest and for macro shots, and the 45/1.8 (wish it used 42 mm filters for compatibility with  other lenses). I don't ever carry all of my lenses at one time, and this offers me a number of useful combinations.

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