Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Lens just before being packaged and sent off

miked58 wrote:

bhollis wrote:

miked58 wrote:

The purchaser is saying they were mislead by my description of the lens....here it is..unmarked and mint condition. Not even a mark under the tripod mount.

OK, so we're talking about a 100-400L, which has something of a reputation as a "dust pump."

Did your description say anything about dust?  If so, what did it say?

Did the buyer ask about dust?  If so, what did you tell him?

The description did not refer to dust as I couldn't see any.

The purchaser did not ask any questions. My auction said by collection or pick up only. They did not see that until after bidding but I agreed to post at their risk..

Sounds like this may come down to what "mint" means.  Some folks would say mint means perfect--that there's no difference between this one and a new one just out of the box.  So does dust in a lens make it less than mint?  Who knows.  My guess (but it's just a guess) is that a small amount of dust is to be exptected in any used lens, and would not make an otherwise mint lens less than mint.  OTOH, a lot of dust might be a different story.

How much dust is he saying is in there?  Did you shine a flashlight in the lens--both front and back--to check for dust?

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