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Re: More of This and That

Messier Object wrote:


It's always a little sad when a backyard regular is lost. Up until a few weeks ago I had a large family of crested pigeons frequenting my garden. Now they are thinned out and I find the occasional pile of feathers. I suspect the neighbourhood cats but there has also been a Perigine falcon about.


When our resident mockingbird leaves we always miss them as each has seemed to have a character of their own, but all have dominated their territory which they defend vigorously, which is probably why most have a reign of two or three years. This is the fourth pile of feathers I've found and several of our sentinels have just disappeared, but a new one always arrives to claim the yard and the holly berries on one or more of the trees. .. ( to cats, generally, the Mockingbirds teach them how to behave.  We had two cats who after several encounters would either watch from under a bush or would vicariously catch the birds from the other side of a window. ..  Of course the Blue Jays participated in the lessons.)

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