Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: some thoughts for you to think over

tko wrote:

Talking to a lawyer is more expensive than the lens.

Does he live close by? Is he any physical threat?

Dust in a lens in not considered a functional issue. Any used (and some new ones) will have dust. Can he show it will impact image quality?

If the dust wasn't visible under inspection and test, it doesn't really matter whether there is dust inside. Again, not a functional issue.

Legally, the worse he can do is to take you to small claim course. I guess if he's crazy he could hire a lawyer, but that's not too rational - a minimum legal charge w/b more than the lens cost, and any good lawyer will advise him of this - unless he has a blowhard relative who's a lawyer and will do it for free. But even then I suspect you could defend yourself in court. He doesn't have much to stand on.

Can you call and talk to the shop itself, and verify his claims? Can you ask them whether image quality is effected?

Of course, you could take the lens back, but then you have to wonder if he did anything to damage it and decreasing its value.

Anything under $10-25K isn't worth a lawyer. Just deal with it in the best way.

Don't know what legal fees are in New Zealand, but a 1/2 hour consultation with a lawyer to get some advice wouldn't cost more than $100-$200 in the US.  BTW, I wasn't suggesting that the OP go out and hire a lawyer to represent him; just talk to a lawyer to get some advice and find out what the risks are.

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