What do do against "Sandbagging" ?

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Re: What do do against "Sandbagging" ?


. . . and thanks for using the word "thieves" in your description.  Bernie Madoff (sp?) ran a giant Ponzi scheme that cheated investors out of billions of dollars.  He was a thief.  The guy who goes into the corner store and swipes a candy bar off of the shelf?  He's a thief also.  The difference?  One of them was better at it.  (And will spend the rest of his life in prison.)

Similarly, when someone solicits friends and family to vote big for his photo (and/or give .5's to other worthy images), or when he creates 5 web identities to do it himself, he is a thief.

Now, we could argue to the death about the value of the the thing that was stolen (pride, recognition, honest feedback, whatever); but I would suggest that what should be more important is value of what the thief gave up in exchange for the dishonestly acquired standing in a photo challenge.  Honor.  Integrity.  Character.

What a sad exchange.  All that is gained is a moment's notice, mostly by strangers who will neither know nor care who posted a mediocre image that somehow won a challenge.  What is lost is everything that matters.

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