Help choosing 14-24 or 16-35 or 24mm f1.4G (vs 20 f2.8D) on FX dslr?

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Re: Help choosing 14-24 or 16-35 or 24mm f1.4G (vs 20 f2.8D) on FX dslr?

I have the 14-24,  just bought the 24 f/1.4, and also considered the 16-35 vs the 14-24.  Shot all three on the d800 & D4.

I purchased the 14-24, when I wanted something wider than the 24-70.  It's a great uwa option and I thought it performed better than the 16-35 between 16-20.  The lee filter system is OK (not ideal) with bulk / setup time being the biggest issue vs a 77mm filter.  The filter issue was not a deal breaker for me b/c I wanted a uwa landscape option that I would primarily be shooting from a tripod.  The flare issue can be managed if you are not shooting directly into the sun.  I use my lenscoat rain hood to control flare when needed.  I use this lens to accentuate the sky or foreground and to do UWA landscapes/seascapes with prominent foreground elements.  It's sharp, produces great color and is easy to handle.  It was a better option than the 16-24 for he 16-20 range, though I will admit that the 16-35 was a bit better when you approached 24.

I bought the 24 f/1.4 for night photography, in particular landscapes with the Milky Way.  This is where it earns its keep.  I can do longer exposures at a lower ISO that tend to print better.  In my experience this was better than denoising in post with the 14-24 or 24-70 at 24.  You can also do some cool narrow DOF work with this lens.  It's not what I reach for if I were going out at sunrise or sunset and planned to be shooting at f/7.1.  Some may say it's sharper than the 14-24 or 24-70 at this aperture, but you need to be a real pixel peeper to see it.  I prefer the flexibility of the 24-70 and staying dry rather than setting up the tripod at the edge of the water with the 24 f/1.4.

Some swear that you can overcome the shortcomings of the 16-35 in post (perspective, vignetting, flare, ect.), but I am more of a fan of getting it right in the camera.  Hence this was another detraction of he 16-35 and IMHO did not outweigh the advantage of using my 77mm filters.

No regrets on my decision.

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