Camera choice for Europe trip

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IQ vs Convenience?

I too have boycotted the airlines... congratulations! You will love your transatlantic!

In the meantime, after the binge feeding you will inevitably partake in during the 14 day crossing you will need to shed a few calories. You will also have 14 days on deck to learn a new camera. Therefore as I have also evolved through the LX-2, LX-5 and now onto the XE-1 I can recommend carrying the extra weight and learning the X system.

X100s, XE-1 or X-Pro, as most of the posters on this forum will repeat there are no better APSC files out there then the X-Trans. And by comparison, the 1 1/7" sensors get a little fuzzy at 100%

Besides all the math, it is a reality that APSC is about to be thought of as the old 1 1/7" when compared to the future "Full Frame" sensors that are rolling out as we speak.

Step in as close as you can afford to the best IQ possible or you will wish you did in just a few years from now!

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