Good Reason to buy a 17mm lens?

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
pschatz100 Contributing Member • Posts: 577
It will be faster for grab shots

If you're like me, when walking around with the 14-42mm attached, you keep the lens retracted.  When I try to grab a shot in a hurry, I have to look down at the camera, extend the lens, zoom to the right focal length, compose, then snap the picture.  I have missed many desirable pictures because of the delay.

With a prime, I simply compose and shoot.  For me, there is no question that I want to keep a pancake prime on the camera when walking about.  The question is which focal length.  The 17mm works great for me.

Let me add a couple of points:

1) I do not keep a lens cap on the lens.  The 17mm is inexpensive enough that I don't worry about it.

2) I am a "wide shooter" - I almost never use a telephoto.  I carry a 40-150mm but rarely use it.

3) Some people prefer the Panny 14mm or 20mm.  I tried the Panny 20mm because it is a faster lens, but didn't like the field of view. YMMV

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