Canon 7D focus issue-new observation

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Re: Canon 7D focus issue-new observation

I monitor the forum quite a bit but normally do not reply but your observation caught my eye.

I have noticed the exact same thing that you are referring to but not using "Live View". I have noticed it using the viewfinder. I shoot a lot of BIF and also many just sitting. This seems to happen mostly with both my 400mm f5.6 and 100-400mm f4.5-5.6. Especially while trying to focus on an object that may fill only a smaller portion of the viewfinder. I have tried spot focus and many other settings. I have also tried manual focus. I believe that Canon has a design flaw with the autofocus in the 7D but do not know what it would take to convince them. I do get some very nice photos with the 7D but the keeper rate is low.

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