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Re: SSD performance

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Then look at this video

My laptop is slower about 15 second than that, i wish if mine is same as this laptop speed or even 2-3 sec slower if not faster, so what he did with his laptop to get that much fast?

Well.... it's got the BIOS set to fast boot.  That's why you're not seeing any prompts to press function keys to get into BIOS setup, and why you're not seeing any kind of memory tests

Again, as mentioned before, look through your BIOS settings and you'll probably find a setting for that purpose somewhere (fast boot).

He also has Windows setup for Auto Login (skipping the login menu).  That's just a Windows setting and nothing to do with the hardware.

As for the rest, note where he commented that the most important update was for Intel Storage Technology.   Your laptop also uses an Intel chipset.  So, I'd make sure you have your firmware (not just the drivers) up to date for the Intel chipset your laptop is using.

All my drivers are up-to-date, from Dell site, no USB hardware connected including the mouse itself, so i tried all the ways, and it is not fast not even closer to that laptop, i can show another videos where it is much closer to that video and much faster than mine too, i said 10-15 sec slower is bothering me, if i knew it will be that way then i may never bought an SSD and just stay with 7200 HDD or even that hybrid one, maybe you all believe that mine is fast enough laptop with SSD now, well yes, but not as fast as that video for example, so is his SSD faster for example?

Which Dell laptop do you have now?  What's the exact model (14R, 15R, etc. etc. etc.).  Or, a service tag number would be even better.

Then, we can compare what's available on Dell's site to the downloads from elsewhere.

Did you update your BIOS firmware for it, too?

Let's look and see what updates are available for starters from Dell.  Then, lets look at what Intel updates are available if Dell has older versions on their site.  For example, you can get Intel driver updates directly from their site, too:

But, I'd check Dell's sites for firmware updates (BIOS, etc.) first (not just drivers).  Give us more info on the model you have and we can probably take a look for you and determine what they have available.

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