D90 - viewfinder out of focus

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
Isit13 Forum Member • Posts: 60
Re: D90 - viewfinder out of focus

By half press i assume you mean autofocus from pressing the shutter button? If so, does the camera attempt to focus and will it beep in AF-S mode with sound enabled? If yes, and the pictures come out right, the camera itself should have no issues, apart from an issue with the mirror as stated earlier. If it does not try to focus the motor in the lens might have failed which is in turn improbable if has not been dropped. If it tries to focus but cannot the subject maybe "flat" in color and detail.

Still if the pictures come out right, it must be either the mirror or your/ your friends eyes. I could  be wrong and correct me if i am.

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