No global warming - climate scientists puzzled.

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William Carson
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Re: The changing consensus of Climatologists.

the basic point is that those other reasons DO apply to what we have now - it's just they they don't provide the power and wealth strategy that 'anthropogenic' does.

There has been an analysis of the 'other' factors. These are the suns energy output and the tilt of the earth's orbit. (The periodic shift of the magnetic poles is a new one just mentioned in this thread .  .  .) The 'other' factors do not add up to the present data. Being major declines in Arctic ice and glaciers.  It is still being looked into but it is becoming clear that if not for human CO2 additions to the atmosphere, things would be headed for a cooler cycle. If there are folks to profit from cutting down on fossil fuels, who are they and how are they acting and where for them is the financial gain? Al Gore's speaking and book profits? Scientific researchers in many fields from many nations? Sort of a stretch.

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