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Something you might like to try

Several of us who do not want the hassle of RAW or a lot of PP have done a lot of carefully compared tests and from all this I personally would recommend the following, which can be used under all conditions I have met so far. The aim is to produce JPEGs needing no or minimal PP. There is little evidence that RAW-derived results are necessarily better than JPEGs, it all depends on how well the JPEGs are taken. Suggested are:

Program or Aperture Priority mode, iResolution On, Standard Photo Style, Contrast 0, Saturation 0, Sharpness -1, Noise Reduction -2, AWB Adjust 3 clicks left.

Sounds complicated but isn't, and once set you can leave them.

In drab light with drab colours, I switch to Vivid Photo Style for a less boring result, leaving all other settings the same.

Aperture in the f2.8-f4 area for lowest possible ISO, smaller only if needed for very bright light,  depth of field, e.g. with close-up Macro.

One-area central focus area (adjustable for size).

Good exposure is a very narrow range (less than +/- 0.33 EV), i.e. the FZ200 is unforgiving of Over or Under exposure, but best to be a bit on the Under side if anything, and any correction can be done quickly in Picasa or other simple program.  Mostly I find I can use -0.33 EV and, if I like, bracket +/- 0.33 EV.  The look of the colours in the EVF or LCD is a good guide pre-shooting, I find the Histogram far less useful for this and I leave it switched off.

I view/compare/crop/resize in FastStone Image Viewer, I edit in Picasa (only if necessary), I denoise in Noiseware Community (rarely necessary), and I can check camera settings in Photome or Exiftool. All these programs are free - no need for any fancy software. There's lots of info on these programs if you search on this Forum.

Note: Re i-Resolution, I use the "On" setting at present as I have not thoroughly tested the effects of its "iZoom" setting in terms of IQ.

Telemacro is brilliant - with Macro switched on, and zoom at anywhere from 6x to 24x, you can shoot from as close as 1 metre/40" (or further of course), and at 24x/600mm EFL you have the closest "stand back" macro, ideal for butterflies, flowers, craft items, jewellery, etc, etc.

Telemacro is lovely. I find close-up wide-angle Macro far less fun.

I could go on, but I hope that this may help a bit.

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