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Re: Disappointing

Not my experience at all. I have D800E, Fuji XE1 and Nex 6.

Nex 6 is an all round responsive camera.

Canon sensors are way behind Sony. Its a bit rich to be saying how great your Canon sensor is. They are at least 1 to 2 generations behind. They also have poor DR at low ISO. They still suffer from banding in shadow areas, Nex does not.

Canon uses the high power of their Digic 5 to cover all this up with aggreesive noise reduction.

So maybe you are used to that. It was mentioned in DPreview of 6D the jpegs have a soft plastic look. But yes low noise. I think they have overcompensated for noise at the expense of jpeg image quality. XE1 leaves them behind in jpeg quality.

Chromatic aberration of course comes from lenses not the camera unless you get magenta cast at sides of images on Nex 7 with UWA lenses. So that is a simple matter of chosing better quality lenses. There are plenty including many legacy lenses that are cheap and super high quality. I have not seen chromatic aberrations in my shots so far.

The kit lens costs perhaps 1/2 to 1.3rd of a standard Canon or Nikon kit lens. So keep that in mind.

As far as AF goes I am not sure what you are expecting. I have yet to have AF even been an issue in any shot I have taken in the last 2 weeks. The Fuji XE1 AF is a bit slower and yes Nikon and Canon (in 5D3/ not necessarily 6D or 5D2).

I think you'll find high ISO noise levels in RAW (not Digic 5 mushed jpegs) to be similar or better in the more advanced Exmor sensored Nex 6. Additionally Canon's implementation of onchip PDAF is inferior to Sonys from what I have read.

Yes a $4000 top of the line Canon should be expected to be better than a $700 Nex 6. How is that a problem? They are not even in the same market?

Yes a Ferrari that costs $300,000 is going to be better than a $30,000 Toyota, we already know that.


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