Would you buy a X100 now?

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Re: Would you buy a X100 now?

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The Fuji X100 can be had new for £549 at the moment from several reputable UK suppliers - about half the price of the X100s.  I'm still on the lookout for a truly compact camera with a decent sensor.  I have the NEX-7 but even with the 16-50 PZ lens it still doesn't feel all that compact, whereas my impression of the X100 is that the shallowness of it does make it compact (even though it's about the same size as the NEX otherwise).  I've ruled out the Panasonic GX1, Nikon A, Sony RX100 due to lack of viewfinder.

Just wondering whether people who own the X100 would buy one now at this price point, knowing that the X100s is available.  Interestingly I see used X100 cameras going for the same price on eBay - what's that all about?! Hopefully it suggests that if I did get one it would hold its value reasonably well.


Beware, your question is bound to be responded to, and has likely already been responded to, by people who do not want to or can not fork over the cash at this time for the X100S, and would rather justify this by telling you that they prefer the images of the X100, or point out that just because a new one is out, doesn't mean the old one doesn't work...

I don't really understand why this needs to be prefaced with the word "beware," as though neither of those things are valid and are just the mewlings of desperate folks who aren't made of money.

I was just saying beware of bad or biased advice. The word is somewhat foreboding, but not meant to invoke fear or anything disparaging in this case. Sorry if it feels that way to you.

That's exactly what I thought you meant, and I think it's incorrect. Both of those pieces of "advice" are sound. However...

In this case, someone who made their decision partly based on those principles accused people who do upgrade of having GAS,

...that is not. One can validly bring up GAS in plenty of situations (all of them subjective, of course), but I think that the X100S is one of the most "upgrade-worthy" cameras ever. Fuji basically took 95% of our complaints about the X100 - which was sort of a prototype camera in the first place - and solved them. So yeah, the dismissive GAS argument is bad as well.

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