A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: It is the only and fair game to customer

Archer66 wrote:

Install the free Classic Shell.
  • Set Classic Shell to boot directly into the desktop.
  • Set Classic Shell to disable active corners. (to stop Win8 popups)
  • Don't run any Win8 apps at all. (since they will pop you back to Win8's UI)
  • Install apps designed for Win7 and below and use them.
  • replace Win8's wireless driver with the Dell wireless driver to get full speed.

Too bad I can't just buy a Windows 7 machine and skip all the hassle.

Of course you could be also be standing on your head and close your eyes to make it little more difficult.

Or just run Windows 7 which pretty much does all I want.

I simply don't want or need a touch interface on my computer. I already have one on my smartphone and frankly, that isn't very useful either. All I use it for are:

* Telephone/address book
* Making phone calls (yeah, I'm that old)
* Checking email
* Web browser

Sure I have 70 other apps that I never use. Hundreds of songs that I never listen to (on the phone, 'cause they're also on my computer and car system). And thousands of photos that I don't look at ('cause they're so much nicer on my 24 inch monitor and 46 inch HDTV).

But my Win 7 system allows me to do tons of real work -- even make a living.

If you love Windows 8 because it does what youwant, I'm very happy for you. I'd just ask you to understand that some of us have needs that are well served by the Win 7 interface and poorly served by the Win 8 UI. We wish that MS could have preserved the old interface that they spent 20 years developing as an option for those who found it useful while offering Metro as an option for those who wanted a honking big iPhone

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