Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

I rented the X20 for a weekend, and I generally like it --- if I had to get a P&S today, it would at the top of my list.  I agree that its OOC JPEGs are not very good, with watercolor effects easily visible everywhere.  However, its RAW files are very good, and don't show watercolor effects unless you push noise-reduction in Lightroom 4.4RC really, really far.  I had the thing to set to RAW only after a while.

I find the camera itself to be pretty responsive, but it performs best in good light.  In low light, I found that it did not always lock focus, though when it did lock focus, it was accurate.  Low light also exacerbates its noise. It is a 2/3-inch sensor, so you can't expect miracles from it.

I include 3 photos below all of which were shot in RAW and processed in LR4.4RC.  Mostly it was altering the tonal mapping, some levels adjustment, and clarity and sharpness. I like how well its photos translate to B&W:

Here's one in low light, with some dodging and burning as well:

And here's a color picture shot in macro mode:

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