Graphic Card upgrade from nVidia 285+

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Re: Graphic Card upgrade from nVidia 285+

Mark K wrote:

Thanks for all the replies...

I was initially struggled between an AMD and a nVidia card, 7970 and 680 to be specific. The AMD has an advantage of having more video RAM because I am hooking the card with two monitors.

Since the primary function of my PC is for photo editing, I am comparing these cards for boosting photo editing. My anecdotal knowledge about GPU acceleratiion is that nVidia has a CUDA engine and Photoshop supports this.

I recently build a new system and went by AMD graphics (HD 7770). But by still not 100% good working drivers I would suggest to be better of by NVIDIA if you don't want to spend time as a much consuming time "Beta tester".
But it is not for CUDA (not used in Photoshop CS6), but for reliability.
See problems using drivers 1 (+ solution)
See problems using drivers 2

But as the URL of a test of Photoshop CS6 suggest , and also stated by the previous poster Jim Cockfield, it is not necessary to get a pricey graphics card. GTX 650 is strong enough.

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