In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

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Re: In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

Good start Ruth, for a 1/125th second at 600mm the image is pretty clear.  So, you did well.  Photoshop would certainly help because the blurring/loss of detail is not that bad, try a little sharpening.  RAW you could process with Silkypix but I'd expect Lightroom to do likewise. Silkypix as a free tool with the camera is quite capable but not always intuitive.  The big advantage of Photoshop and Lightroom is that you can use them with many cameras and to a large degree they are de facto standards and commonly referenced tools.-

Given the bird is predominently white, you could probably have got away with tweaking the exposure by -2/3EV, which would have you a shutter sped of circa 1/200th second and that would almost certainly have reduced the small amount of blur. It is quite common to default to -2/3EV, especially if not using spot metering.

RAW can help push the envelope on exposure, again usually based on a slight negative EV. You can always try recording both JPEG and RAW and experimenting. Note, however, that the file sizes for RAW are circa 3 times those of the best JPEG and, consequently, write times to the memory card will be longer and this will impact the fps rate /duration and the number of shots on the card (though cards are cheap and this shouldn't be an issue as long the card is appropriately sized).

If you search the forum, you'll find best settings for the FZ200, with tweaks to Saturation, Nosie Reduction and Sharpening.

God Luck

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