First Week w/ 6D....from 5D Mk II

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Re: Did not try?? Now hurts a wee bit

PeterY wrote:

Nice 5d2 images in extreme lighting conditions! Let us see now the 6D images in the same conditions. You did test them side to side the way I suggested (ETTR), right?

Sorry bud, never had the 2 cams together. Sold the 5d2 and then bought the 6D. FYI, i think all the 5D2 images with window details were blended in. What would happen to the window details and other highlights if I ettr.....blown out!!

There is an easy way to prevent this - underexpose. Maybe this is what your 6D is doing.

Different bodies are calibrated differently. Some underexpose more (5D2 vs. 20D, for example) relative to their saturation point than others. In that sense, they "underexpose" and leave more highlight headroom. That however means that they have less "shadow headroom" compared to a different calibration. You are not going to see a direct evidence of that because the RAW converters "know" that and compensate. To be precise, there is nothing to compensate for, they just produce the expected brightness.

Aside from that, different bodies expose differently, they have different color filters (and unfortunately, the newer cams are more colorblind), etc. I am not sure what you observed but it is most likely a combination of factors. Since you never compared the two bodies in the same lighting conditions, your findings are highly subjective, and they do not even address the DR question (google the definition).

If the 6D works better for you, good.

I am not sure why you and the other guy are trying to make this discussion personal.

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