Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

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Re: Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

richarddd wrote:

I haven't been following the forepetessake saga, but if you care about DOF, then you should be comparing a m43 35-100/2.8 to a FF 70-200/5.6. Similar issues with noise.

There's no good reason to multiply the focal length by two, but leave the f-stop unchanged.

Very true. However the argument that if someone made an FF 70-200/5.6 it would be the same size and weight as the 35-100 is wrong. Such lenses were made (in the MF era) and they were larger and heavier. Going for a more extreme example, could anyone make a 200-600 lens, even a very slow one (e.g. wide open f11 at the 600 end) to the size of the Panasonic 100-300? Towards the longer zoom range, the mm count matters. There are a lot of compact superzoom cameras out there going to equivalent 600-800mm ranges with physically very short lenses because their real FL are in the 100+mm range so they can be built to not much more than 100mm long. To match the FoV in FF you will need to build a 600mm lens to 100mm long. You cannot do that no matter how slow you go.

So the sensor size does matter, in some cases at least, in lens size.

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