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Re: seems like your mistake

I'm another waiting for the inks.  And I was also told by Inkjet Mall reps that the ink would be available by now.

It would be nice to at least communicate honestly with their customers.  If there is a problem with releasing the ink just tell us so we can plan.

I'm running 2 Claria printers and I'm almost out of my current ink.  I want to switch all my inks, dye and pigment, to Cone.  Soon, however, I'll need to restock somewhere else.

David Seys wrote:

I banked on it being available because the owner of the company, Jon Cone, told me personally on three separate occasions that the ink would be available on certain dates.

Before buying the printer almost a year ago while on sale I asked Jon himself when it would be available because the printer was on sale and I told him I would only be buying it to use his ink.  He said go ahead and buy it and the inks would soon be available.  He also told me in the fall (October/November) that the inks were in house and just had to be bottled.  Told me the same again for March, the inks are here we just have to package them.

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